What's Really Happening During the Spawn - Murray

What's Really Happening During the Spawn - Murray

John Murray is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass angler, fishing competitively since he was 13. He spent most of his early career fishing on the West Coast, around Lake Mead, which is very clear. In that enviroment, he was able to really study bass behavior, so he was able to really observe what goes on during the spawn. John talks about all aspects of the spawn and the timing. He starts with when/where the prespawn & spawn starts. Most guys know about the early spawn when bass get on beds in the shallow waters in the backs of coves. Murray is focused on talking about spawn fishing after that time, perhaps when lots of other fish are spawning near the main lake. Many folks talk about water temperature being the determining factor on when and where bass spawn. Find out what Murray thinks is the primary factor.

In this bass fishing video, John Murray also talks about some of his favorite bass for prespawn, spawn and postspawn bass. More importantly, why you're looking for certain characteristics in a bait when fishing for bass at each stage of the spawn.

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