Bryan New talks about the right and wrong decisions that he made on the St Johns River in Florida during the 2022 Bassmaster Elite Series tournament. Changing conditions require changing locations and/or techniques. In this fishing class, Bryan New reviews how he practiced and the decisions he made and how, in this case, sticking to his guns may have cost him a higher tournament finish. 

  • 0:23 When to make changes in bass fishing
  • 1:40 Bryan New's Practice for the St. Johns River
  • 2:58 Making changes based on conditions
  • 5:01 A post-spawn scenario for making changes
  • 6:43 Bryan New's St Johns River tournament tackle
  • 9:03 It's not an exact science
  • 12:17 Bryan New's style of making fishing adjustments
  • 14:32 Grass missing from the shell bars
  • 15:38 Making adjustments between sunny & cloudy days
  • 17:16 Changes between wind and calm conditions

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