Be Successful Topwater Frog Fishing

  • 2:05 Fred Roumbanis's froggin' equipment
  • 10:05 Boom booms frog
  • 15:20 Frog fishing season
  • 27:20 Retrieve for topwater frog fishing 
  • 36:05 Frog color choices
  • 43:00 Topwater frog fishing question & answer

For Fred Roumbanis, throwing a frog is a confidence bait, but it's also a versatile bait for catching bass under various circumstances. A bass doesn't always think that a topwater frog is a frog. There are several different forms of foriage that a frog can imitate. Fred jumps right in by talking about the equipment you will need to fish topwater frogs:

  • iROD Genesis II Series Casting Rods
  • 6.5:1 to 8.1:1 gear ratio reel
  • Braided Fishing Line - watch the video to see what lb. test and brands Fred recommends and what he's looking for in the line
  • Of course, Boom Boom recommends the Stanford Baits Boom Boom Hollow Body Frog and some of its key features, including the bass-grabbing velcro patch on the back that he calls "frog fur"

Roumbanis answers some other key questions about frog fishing:

  • When do I want to fish a frog? Fred discusses key water temperature to switch to the frog and when you have a good chance to catch your biggest fish of the season on a frog
  • What are the different ways to fish a frog? You'll be surprised to find out how many different cadences you can fish a topwater frog. Boom Boom talks about 4 different primary ways.
  • What colors should I fish in different situations? Freddy talks about what he feels that different colors imitate, and what kinds of fish you're targeting when you fish those colors.
  • Where do I want to fish a topwater frog? Boom Boom covers some great locations, structure and cover to target with a topwater frog.

If you want to learn more from Boom Boom on fishing a topwater frog, and see his frog in action, check out Frog Fishing On the Water and Topwater Frog Fishing Demonstration.

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