Frog Fishing On the Water - Roumbanis & Gluszek

Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis & Pete Gluszek our out on big bass paradise, El Salto with Anglers Inn talking about fishing topwater frogs. Fred and Pete talk about how you don't have to fish a frog just in cases where you feel like bass are eating frogs. This is important in color selection, and Fred talks about the colors he primarily uses and why. He has some unique perspectives on "matching the hatch" as it relates to fishing topwater frogs. Freddie also talks about some of the features available in his new Stanford Baits Boom Boom Hollow Body Frog, including a gripping strip that will help you if you lose a lot of fish on topwater frogs. Fred demonstrates how this gripping fabric holds to the bass's teeth.

After some discussion of fishing the Boom Boom Hollow Body, Pete and Fred go out and do some froggin' on Lake El Salto and catch a couple of bass.

Lastly, Fred Roumbanis shares his frog fishing knowledge. What season do you start to fish a frog? What is the premium water temperature for fishing this bait? What is the best time of day for the frog? You might be surprised what Fred has to say here. What size fish should I expect to catch with this lure? What fishing line is good for this technique? What other equipment do I need, including the iROD Air Series Casting Rods 7'5" Heavy Rod.

If you want to learn more from Fred Roumbanis about frog fishing, check out these videos: Frog Fishing - Tips and Tricks and Frogs & Toads

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