Topwater Frog Fishing Demonstration - Roumbanis

Fred Roumbanis is with "The Dean" Pete Gluszek on the lunker-bass-filled Lake El Salto with Anglers Inn. Fred is out demonstrating different ways to fish his topwater frog Stanford Baits Boom Boom Hollow Body Frog.

  1. Walk-the-dog or side-to-side - Fred talks about the equipment he uses and the rod motion to achieve this action
  2. Chugging - Fred discusses why he believes that bass react to this presentation. He discusses and demonstrates how to fish a topwater frog this way.
  3. "The Snap" - akin to walking the dog, but it keeps the bait in the stirke zone longer and makes a bigger commotion

Fred talks about:

  • The conditions that dictate how you fish a topwater frog.
  • How to know a bass has the bait and it's time to set the hook.
  • Fred talks about setting the hook and ensuring the land the fish.
  • Swinging fish into the boat.
  • Areas that are good to fish a frog, other than the traditional floating grass mats.

Fred and Pete fish around Lake El Salto demonstrating some frog fishing techniques and catching some bass (including one BIG bass) on a topwater hollow-body frog.

Fred answers some of Pete's questions about fishing this bait:

  • What about follow-up baits if they miss a frog?
  • What about if the fish are slapping at the frog, but not getting it?
  • What is the 4 second rule?

If you want to learn how to fish a topwater frog from a master of the technique, this is a great video to watch. If you need more information about fishing frogs/toads, check out these other bass fishing instructional videos: Punching & Frogging Matted Vegetation & Frog Fishing Tips & Tricks with Fred Roumbanis

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