You want to learn how to select a crankbait for bass fishing? John Crews knows a lot about crankbaits from the Mann's 1-Minus, which runs just under the surface, to the Strike King 10XD which cranks down to 25ft+. There are thousands of shapes, colors, vibrations, actions, sounds, etc. to choose from, and the average angler can easily become overwhelmed when trying to select the right crankbait. Thankfully, you're not alone and John Crews, who has designed several crankbaits from the ground up, will help you select the correct crankbait for different situations, so you can load the boat with bass, not just load your tackle box with expensive baits.

Shortcuts to main topics in this crankbait selection bass fishing video:

  • 7:50 Crankbait fishing gear
  • 16:50 Crankbait depth range
  • 19:25 What makes a crankbait wiggle
  • 24:30 Differences in crankbaits
  • 37:05 Action categories
  • 41:25 Action patterns 

John Crews will cover the following topics, along with a myriad of other topics:

  • What kind of rod and reel do you want for fishing a crankbait?
  • What's the first thing I should check if I start losing fish on a crankbait?
  • Does John Crews prefer round bend or extra wide gap treble hooks on his plugs?
  • How do you select the right size of trouble hooks?
  • What's the recommended fluorocarbon fishing line for fishing cranks?
  • What are the factors that effect a crankbait's action?
  • Why is line size important, and how does it effect the depth range and actions of the bait?
  • What are the different action categories, like squarebill, round-lipped, lipless, etc. and when are the best times to fish each one?
  • When do you fish a wiggle wart-type bait?
  • Has John Crews written off the lipless crankbait?
  • What is a flat-sided crankbait and when do you want to throw it?
  • Do cranks catch big bass?

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