For new anglers, understanding the basics is a crucial component to finding fishing success. However, even the most experienced bass fishermen need refreshers from time to time. In this seminar, Pete Gluszek highlights some of the basic steps anglers can take to refine their skills to help get them to the next level – regardless if that’s the farm pond of the Elite Series. Gluszek shares tips on basic skills such as casting and bait selection to more advance topics like map study and notetaking. 

  • 1:35 Becoming A Better Angler
  • 4:40 Importance Of Taking Notes
  • 11:55 Learning To Cast
  • 13:45 Creating A Confidence Box
  • 18:40 Take It To The Bank
  • 24:10 Map Study
  • 26:20 Using Electronics
  • 29:00 Google Earth
  • 30:10 Situational Practice Strategy
  • 35:00 Strengths And Weaknesses
  • 42:00 What To Take Notes On
  • 44:30 How Long Should You Stay In An Area?
  • 47:30 Bait Modifications

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