Professional bass fishing tournament angler Mike Iaconelli is no stranger to tough fishing conditions. Heavily pressured lakes, clear water, suspended bass, cold fronts and other factors can cause fish to shut down. In this bass fishing seminar, Ike share some tips for new, cutting-edge finesse fishing techniques that will help you catch bass when they otherwise have lockjaw.

  • 0:19 Finesse fishing is the answer when nothing else will get a bite
  • 2:46 Reasons that the fish shut down and stop biting and how to get them to bite
  • 5:50 Not all finesse techniques are the same
  • 8:20 The chicken rig - What it is, why fish bite it, components you need to to rig it, how to rig it & how to fish it
  • 37:22 Tight lining & spine rig (aka moping or damiki rig) - What it is, what makes the presentation special, when to use it, components for rigging, rigging & how to fish it
  • 52:17 Question and answers about emerging finesse techniques with Mike Iaconelli

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