Bassmaster Elite Series angler John Crews joined the Bass University in Edison, New Jersey in January. John was there to talk about being consistent by being versatile and vice versa. Making the right adjustments will allow you the consistency you need to be a successful weekend angler and an accomplished bass tournament angler.

  • 0:52 The difference between catching a 49lb stringer once and making a living consistently catching 3lbers
  • 2:13 Bass live almost everywhere and there's different ways to catch them in different areas, but they're still all bass
  • 3:18 What does being a versatile angler mean? How do you handle different bodies of water, different weather conditions, seasons and more?
  • 13:11 The major techniques to master to be a versatile and consistent angler
  • 21:00 Secondary techniques to master to refine your versatility and consistency
  • 23:35 Specialty techniques to become a completely versatile angler
  • 26:53 Here's what will happen if you master the top 5 techniques to being a versatile angler
  • 34:50 There are drawbacks to being a versatile angler, find out what they are
  • 45:08 Question and answer from Bass University students
    • 45:17 Do you have a few rods that you always have on your deck?
    • 47:53 Why is John Crews having trouble learning the Ned rig?
    • 49:59 If you're fishing one technique, but it's not producing, how long until you move on to another?
    • 53:10 Can practice be a hinderance for a bass fishing tournament?
    • 56:00 How long do you stay on a specific cadence?

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