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JT Kenney has come back to The Bass Univeristy to talk with "The Dean" Pete Gluszek.

  • 0:20 Introduction of MLF color commentator JT Kenney and his transition from full-time angler to the broadcast booth
  • 1:36 Why does Ike scream "It's a giant" on every fish?
  • 4:09 What are some of the most fun places to fish?
  • 5:13 JT Kenney's love of saltwater fishing and what he likes to fish for and how it's alike and different from freshwater fishing
  • 11:00 The 2020 Major League Fishing season
  • 13:10 Who is JT Kenney's favorite angler to cover? What was the key to success for anglers transitioning to MLF from 5-fish format tournaments?
  • 18:46 JT's experience with as a video gamer
  • 21:07 JT Kenney drops a secret bass fishing tip
  • 22:31 What does JT Kenney miss most about not being out on tour as a professional tournament angler?

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