In this on the water video, JT Kenney is in Florida getting ready to go fishing for spawning bass. Before heading out to fish, JT shares some information on what bass are looking for in a spawning area. With these places in mind, JT shares his favorite baits to catch spawning bass, or at least get them to show themselves. JT builds on what bass need (and what they're looking to avoid) to key in on stable areas of the map to focus on that should contain the most and biggest spawning bass. With that covered, it's time to go fishing and JT demonstrates covering water, how to find pockets of bass in a large spawning flat and falling back to your confidence bait when you need to cash a check to keep the lights on.

  • 0:19 Finding bass in the spawn by knowing what the bass are looking for
  • 13:12 Techniques for catching spawning bass
    • 13:22 Topwaters
    • 14:21 Speed worming
    • 14:57 Spinnerbaits
    • 15:24 JT Kenney's #1 bait for catching spawning bass
    • 17:31 JT Kenney's #1 bait for finding spawning bass
  • 20:40 Areas to look for bass (and areas to avoid) when looking for spawning bass
  • 23:49 In the boat and searching for spawning bass with JT Kenney
  • 28:38 Covering a big spawning flat to locate pockets of spawning bass
  • 31:54 Slow down and don't overlook the obvious
  • 32:34 Saving the day when the wheels come off with a confidence bait
  • 35:00 Recap of finding spawning bass with JT Kenney

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