Embark on an adventure with Pete "The Dean" Gluszek, who graces Bass University with his expertise, delving into the art of fall fishing and sharing the secrets of his top three baits for the season.

Autumn angling presents its own set of challenges, but fear not! Pete, a seasoned fishing veteran, unravels the mysteries that can elevate your fishing experience. He not only reveals his preferred trio of fall baits but also imparts invaluable knowledge on the techniques that make them effective in luring in those elusive bites.

Join The Dean as he navigates through the diverse habitats that bass call home during the fall. From the expansive offshore structures to the cozy confines around docks, and the rugged landscapes of riprap, Pete intricately guides you to the hotspots where bass thrive, especially when the allure of baitfish is in the air.

But it doesn't stop there—imagine a virtual tour guided by Pete, using his Lakemaster mapping. He unveils the mesmerizing dance of fall migration for both baitfish and bass, turning your fishing expedition into a strategic pursuit. It's not just about casting baits; it's about understanding the seasonal movements of the fish.

Pete provides you with the blueprint of migratory routes, guiding you to the hidden treasures—the big fall bass. Unravel the mystery of their journey, and you'll find yourself in the sweet spots where angler dreams come true.

So, gear up for an immersive experience at Bass University on the water with Pete Gluszek. Let The Dean be your mentor in the intricate world of fall fishing, not only sharing the keys to his top baits but unlocking the strategies and insights that will transform you into a skilled angler during the fall transition. Get ready to cast your way to success as you tune in to this enlightening session.

The Dean of the Bass University's Top Fall Techniques Class Chapters

  • 0:20: Fall Movements
  • 3:05: Top 3 Baits for Fall
  • 10:05: Pegged vs Non Pegged Weight
  • 11:10: Visual Tells to Find Baitfish
  • 12:05: Fall Seasonal Migration (Humminbird Lakemaster Maps)
  • 14:28: Fishing Offshore Structure
  • 20:45: Shallow Banks and Docks in the Fall
  • 33:10: Deviating from Key Baits
  • 38:35: Autumn Baitfish Migration 
  • 40:14: Fall Bass Fishing Riprap Banks

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