In this on the water bass fishing class video, Pete Gluszek is on the water with a handful of techniques to break down docks and identify what the bass are biting in an attempt to establish a pattern. Pete starts off by breaking down the tools that he uses to pick apart docks and why you need a variety of baits and presentations. Then he begins working his away around docks, identifying targets, demonstrating various casts to get into the fishy places, and catching some fish. Learn from Pete as he changes techniques and makes adjustments to determine if he's on the bite, or if the bass are keying in on different baits. Watch as The Dean gets better casting angles, makes different cast, and different presentations to get bites from around dock pilings.

  • 0:16 Overview of what's covered in this "how to fish docks for bass" on the water bass fishing class video
  • 1:03 The importance of different types of docks to predators and baitfish
  • 5:10 Lures and tackle (weapons) Pete Gluszek uses to fish a dock effectively
  • 11:02 Breaking down a dock and what you're looking for in a great bass fishing dock
  • 15:21 Making your first casts to a pole dock
  • 17:02 Deflection is key to getting bass bites off docks, and taking inventory of where and why you caught a fish off a dock
  • 27:37 How thoroughly to fish docks (making repetitive casts to a dock)
  • 33:02 Sometimes it only takes a little something special to hold a fish
  • 34:53 Two types of habitat and why it's important when dock fishing for bass
  • 39:50 Making note of specific docks and features with extra fish-holding potential
  • 48:17 Testing a moving bait (and why Pete chose a Rapala DT Fat Squarebill Crankbait and Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer)
  • 58:51 Being versatile when fishing docks for bass
  • 1:11:39 Fishing a vibrating jig around docks
  • 1:17:43 Fishing docks with a finesse presentation and dialing into the right presentation

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