Bass fishing docks with a crankbait is a less common approrach. Lots of guys will skip, flip & pitch other baits under and around docks, usually single-hook lures. But taking the chance of hanging up your double-treble lipped squarebill or shallow diver may be worth the effort and the risk. In this bass fishing video class seminar, Pete Gluszek talks about : the reasons to select a crankbait, types of docks and how to approach them differently, when NOT to fish docks with a crankbait, some of his favorite dock fishing crankbaits and more! Interested in the tackle featured in this video?

  • 0:20 Not a lot of people fish docks with a crankbait because it can be a headache, but Pete has some tips to make it fun
  • 1:12 Why fish a crankbait around a dock, instead of a bait that's easier to cast underneath or not get hung as easily
  • 3:13 You can take this technique anywhere! Pete shares the changes you need to make on different types of docks
    • 4:16 Pole docks - practicing at low tide and casts to get crankbaits under docks
    • 8:00 Floating docks
    • 9:04 Docks with boats
    • 9:52 Marina docks - What time of year is best for these type of docks?
  • 10:57 When to (or not to) crank around docks for bass
  • 13:09 Selecting the right crankbait for bass fishing around docks
  • 13:58 How to fish a crankbait around docks
  • 15:25 Practice makes perfect with casting crankbaits
  • 17:39 Walkways
  • 19:02 Why, when and which cranks to fish around floating docks
  • 27:11 Tackle for fishing crankbaits around docks
  • 32:56 Making pitch casts without hitting docks or boats
  • 35:06 How to setup for practice casting at home

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