We've remastered one of our most popular bass fishing seminars into a single video and included the relevant presentation slides directly in the video. In this seminar, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli shares over an hour and 15 minutes of information on how to locate bass FAST! Whether you regularly fish new bodies of water, or you fish the same every year, this seminar is filled with valuable information that will help you locate the bass and catch them quickly.

  • 1:26 The importance of eliminating water, especially on a big lakes like Grand Lake or Santee Cooper
  • 4:32 3-part process to breaking down a new lake or body of water
    • 5:14 At home research and seasonal patterns
    • 42:46 Research once we're on the lake
      • 44:55 Using your eyes and electronics
      • 50:32 Transmission and search baits to use to locate the sweet spots for bass
      • 54:57 Marking spots / waypoints

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