Topwater Baits for Spawning Bass - JT Kenney

Learn how to pick of spawners with topwater baits in this on the water bass fishing class video featuring JT Kenney.  JT shares some of his favorite topwater baits for aggrevating bass on the bed and getting them to show themselves in areas where you may not be able to see the bed. Check out this 30-minute video filled with tips and tricks for fishing topwater lures around spawning beds. Buy JT Kenney's topwater spawning bass tackle.

  • 0:16 Topwater is an overlooked technique for catching spawning bass, but there are a few things you need to know for it to be successful
  • 1:34 Finding spawners with topwater baits
  • 3:35 Topwater baits for spawning bass
  • 16:25 Tackle for topwater fishing for spawning fish on beds
  • 19:04 Resolving the hassle of fishing braided line on prop baits
  • 21:11 Fishing the prop bait for spawning bass
  • 23:35 Best conditions for fishing a prop bait for spawners
  • 24:31 Target fishing with a prop bait
  • 26:30 When the cover is too thick for fishing a prop bait
  • 27:49 How big bass eat a topwater bait in the early Spring

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