Jason Christie joins The Bass University for another information bass fishing seminar. In this video, Jason Christie talks about breaking down a body of water. This focuses on a new body of water, but often applying these principles to places you fish all the time, to help break your pattern. Don't get stuck in a rut.

Main Topics on Breaking Down a New Lake

  • 3:25 Why is breaking down a new lake important?
  • 5:55 Is it going to be a pattern lake or a spot lake?
  • 8:10 Factors to consider before going to a new lake
  • 13:00 It's all about efficiency 
  • 30:15 Expand on what you learned
  • 32:50 Cover most of the lake
  • 34:45 Waypoint and track organization
  • 38:35 Breaking down a new lake question & answer time with Jason Christie

In this seminar, Jason Christie will answer some of the following questions about breaking down a new body of water:

  • Why is breaking down a new body of water a new so important?
  • What are important factors to consider before going to a new lake?
  • How can you maximize your efficiency out fishing?
  • How can you expand on what you learn on previous days?
  • How do I organize, track and manage waypoints?
  • How do you maximize your efficiency and success by knowing the kind of angler that you are?


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