In the post spawn as the bluegill come in to make beds, a lot of good-sized bass will stay up shallow and feast on bream. These "bream eaters" or "bluegill eaters" are fairly easy to target with modern electronics like Humminbird's side imaging and 360 and a handful of key baits. In this on the water bass fishing class, Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Greg DiPalma shares tips on both of these topics. Greg begins by talking about his favorite postspawn baits when fishing around bluegill or shellcracker beds, along with color selection. Then he ventures out with his Humminbird electronics to demonstrate the his settings for locating beds with side imaging. Lastly, Greg demonstrates fishing for bass eating bream with a swim jig and a Yamamoto Senko. 

  • 0:21 The post spawn & bluegill spawn phase
  • 1:44 Key areas to focus in on during bluegill spawn
  • 7:27 Baits for fishing bluegill beds for bass
  • 11:10 Finding bluegill beds with Humminbird electronics
  • 14:31 Color palette selection - see Optimizing Humminbird Colors & Settings
  • 17:16 Where to find shellcracker spawning beds
  • 18:22 Fishing some bream beds we found with side imaging
  • 21:18 Tip for fishing off a drop with a baitcaster
  • 21:57 Swim jig retrieve & changing baits
  • 23:47 Fishing a Senko for bass on bluegill beds

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