Most anglers go to great lengths to keep their lures from getting hung in the grass, not Mike Iaconelli. He's here to tell you about a system he believes will help you catch inactive bass out of the grass, but there are several factors that determine whether you will be successful. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli talks about why you would want to fish a lure with 6 hooks in the grass. Fish are only actively feeding for some small part of the day, this technique generates a reaction strike from inactive fish that are just living in and around the grass. Obviously, the key question is, how do you keep from having your lure hung in the grass or bogged down with grass the whole time if you're throwing a crankbait in grass? There are several key points and Ike discusses them all, including: selecting the right lure, having the right equipment, positioning your boat correctly, making the right cast into the grass and the right technique to get the crankbait out of the grass.

  • 2:33 Grass is a gift and a curse
  • 4:58 Ripping grass is a workout
  • 9:26 Why billed or diving crankbaits are the deal
  • 12:58 Why bill angle is important when ripping grass
  • 14:08 The technique - how to rip grass
  • 19:40 Making the cast into the grass
  • 21:44 Boat positioning for grass ripping
  • 26:00 Do you need to rip all the grass off the bait?
  • 29:18 How to rip a crankbait out free of grass
  • 36:32 Fishing line for ripping grass
  • 42:57 The rod to rip a crankbait out of the grass
  • 50:42 Colors for crankbait grass ripping
  • 55:53 Is this something you can do all year?
  • 59:34 Grass ripping in deeper grass

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