2019 FLW Cup Champion Bryan Thrift is on the water to talk about effectively using your marine electronics to locate, mark and catch bass. Bryan takes you through how he uses side-scan, down-scan and 360 scan for fishing offshore, which he dedicates a lot of his tournament time to doing.

  • 0:11 Idling and understanding side-imaging (as well as settings & setup information)
  • 4:05 What bait and gamefish look like on side-imaging, down-imaging and sonar
  • 4:57 Fishing offshore vs fishing the bank
  • 8:18 Save time by idling the contours and looking for key structure/cover
  • 10:05 Identifying a good place to start casting for bass
  • 10:48 Lakes you can or can't fish offshore year around (Guntersville, for example) and tournament prefishing
  • 12:39 How long to commit to fishing offshore
  • 13:09 Marking a spot, lining up the boat and making a cast
  • 16:24 360 scan is your directional eyes offshore
  • 19:31 Bryan Thrift's preferred submerged grass lure
  • 21:34 Tips and tricks for how to fish a jig in milfoil
  • 23:55 What's the same about offshore fishing and bank fishing

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