Finesse swimbait bass fishing is a hot versatile clear water technique. A small boot tail swimbait is a great choice for a variety a tough fishing situations: very clear water, suspended bass, high pressure situations, etc. It's also extrememly versatile, so you don't have to constantly switch baits with fishing different depths of the water column. In this bass fishing video class seminar featuring Missile baits owner John Crews, you'll learn about the tackle you need to fish finesse swimbaits, knots John Crews uses, how jighead weight affects the bait, key situations for fishing a finesse swimbait and more.

  • 1:20 Do you fish clear water for bass?
  • 2:50 What is a finesse swimbait?
  • 4:34 Rod, reel and other tackle for fishing a finesse swimbait for bass
  • 6:19 Jighead size, retrieve speed and lure depth
  • 11:33 Fluorocarbon to braid leader knot that John Crews uses for finesse swimbait bass fishing
  • 14:00 Knot for really light line fluorocarbon
  • 18:29 Similarities and differences between a finesse swimbait and a single tail grub
  • 21:04 Fishing the entire water column with a single bait
  • 22:58 The importance of selecting the right jighead
  • 24:48 Fishing a finesse swimbait for suspended bass
  • 27:08 Fishing a finesse swimbait near the bottom
  • 30:53 John Crew's favorite swimbait colors and when to fish different colors for bass
  • 37:44 Another way people fish a finesse swimbait, particularly up north
  • 38:57 Fishing a finesse swimbait during the shad spawn
  • 41:45 Leader length for fishing finesse swimbaits for bass
  • 43:26 Scrounger head vs regular jighead

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