Since the introduction of forward-facing sonar, anglers across the country have been searching for ways to master – and combat – the revolutionary technology. How does Bassmaster pro Bradley Hallman do it? By going shallow. However, fishing shallow isn’t the same for every body of water. Hallman walks anglers through a variety of shallow water tactics for all the different types of fisheries you might encounter. Additionally, Hallman explores a variety of things you can do before tournament day to help put you in the best position for success – including satellite image study and mixing up your practice locations. 

  • 0:35 Technology Age of Bass Fishing
  • 3:30 Stay Shallow
  • 5:20 Utilize Multiple Boat Ramps in Practice
  • 6:17 Satellite Images and Covering More Water
  • 7:50 Shallow Water Tactics Still Win
  • 8:30 Situations to Focus on Shallow Water
  • 13:55 How to Combat Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 19:55 Fighting Forward Facing-Sonar on Different Lakes
  • 20:45 Tidal Rivers and Natural River Systems
  • 32:20 Natural Lakes
  • 38:15 Man-Made Reservoirs
  • 46:00 TVA Lakes 

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