Bass fishing tournament champion Ish Monroe is talking about flipping in heavily pressured lakes in this 56-minute fishing instructional how-to seminar. Ish Monroe has been fishing professionally for about 2 decades and qualified for 10 Bassmaster Classics. Ish Monroe is the kind of angler that doesn't like to switch off to finesse techniques to boat 5 keepers, he wants to keep going after them with man-sized baits. A lot of The Bass University students are tournament anglers, and even the ones who aren't still like to have a good chance to catch a big fish. Ish Monroe argues, most tournaments aren't won and biggest fish aren't caught with finesse tactics (spinning reels and small baits). Ish offers suggestions on locating and presenting the right bait to tournament-winning & trophy-sized bass.

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This instructional video is loaded with tips and secrets that will make you a better anglers all around, when flipping and flipping in a crowd. You'll learn pro tips like:

  • What size rods & reels you should have to be effective when flipping
  • Ish Monroe's favorite fishing line for flipping
  • The best gear ratio for flipping (faster isn't always better)

Ish goes on to explain how to go the extra mile to ensure you are fishing the least pressured fish. That includes the geographic location, but, as Monroe explains in the video, it also means taking advantage of what other anglers miss. Learn why presenting a bait to a bass where it lives is like an unexpected free pizza delivery while watching sports on the weekend. Remember, winning a tournament will last forever, fiberglass can be repaired.

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