In this Winner's Circle interview, Dustin Connell, fresh off a $300,000 win on Lake Eufaula at the 2021 Major League Fishing REDCREST Championship talks with Pete about his tournament practice and when the light bulb came on for the winning strategy. Learn how Connell used Lowrance ActiveTarget technology to catch winning fish out of shallow brush. Pete also asks about the winning bait and tackle setup, and Dustin shares some tips on fishing a jerkbait.

  • 0:21 How Dustin Connell is feeling after winning the $300,000 top prize in the 2021 Major League Fishing REDCREST Championship on Lake Eufaula
  • 1:02 Dustin Connell's tournament success thus far
  • 2:00 About Lake Eufaula conditions during the REDCREST tournament
  • 6:14 Dustin Connell's tournament practice for the MLF REDCREST 2021 Championship
  • 7:36 How Connell fished during the tournament
  • 10:06 What was the final tournament day difference that helped Dustin Connell close the door on this win? What role the Lowrance ActiveTarget live sonar technology played in making the tournament-winning change
  • 14:06 Dustin Connell's winning bait and tackle setup for the 2021 REDCREST
  • 20:42 Not getting hung up fishing a jerkbait in brush using Lowrance ActiveTarget
  • 23:19 Seeing fish in brush using Active Target forward-facing sonar
  • 24:30 Lowrance ActiveTarget setup and settings
  • 28:18 Dustin Connell's travel buddies and a funny on-the-road story

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