When do you pick up a jerkbait? While this technique is a popular way to catch more bass in the winter and early spring, it also has a place in your arsenal throughout the other times of year.

"Don't put away the jerkbait," said Brent Ehrler. "Everyone thinks that it's a springtime and early springtime bait. They also think it's a fall bait. I throw a jerkbait all year long, and I have certain jerkbaits that I use in certain situations."

In this seminar, Ehrler tackles the misconception of the jerkbait being a seasonal lure. However, Ehrler does note that certain jerkbaits excel at different times of the year. For the most part, though, his gear for jerkbait fishing does not change. He utilizes a 6’9” medium-light baitcasting rod and typically relies on 10lb fluorocarbon line.

Throughout the year, the target depth and cover will change. While 10lb line is plenty strong enough for targeting suspended fish in open water, Ehrler will upsize to as big as 14lb when fishing around brush or heavy grass. Ehrler also discusses how to pick the best jerkbait for the situation, how to fish a jerkbait, and how you can use forward-facing sonar to help you catch more fish on a jerkbait.

Jerkbait Fishing in Every Season Chapters

  • 0:55 What Is A Jerkbait?
  • 2:15 Rod, Reel, Line Setup For Jerkbait Fishing
  • 7:00 How To Pick The Right Jerkbait
  • 14:45 Where To Fish Jerkbaits In The Spring
  • 16:30 Tips For Post-Spawn Jerkbait Fishing
  • 22:00 Tips For Summer Jerkbait Fishing
  • 28:00 Tips For Fall Jerkbait Fishing
  • 29:55 Tips For Winter Jerkbait Fishing
  • 31:05 How To Fish A Jerkbait
  • 35:40 How To Utilize Forward-Facing Sonar While Jerkbait Fishing

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