Bassmaster Elite Series Shane Lineberger sits down for an interview with Pete Gluszek and Pat Renwick in this video from the 2020 Bassmaster Classic. Shane is from Lake Norman, NC, which is a lake known for dock fishing. Watch as Shane share some tips for fishing a jig around docks for bass.

  • 0:55 How Shane Lineberger's dreams of bass fishing professionally got started
  • 1:53 Lake Norman, NC dock fishing
  • 4:07 Approaching a dock, boat positioning and casting
  • 9:32 Shane doesn't swim a traditional swim jig
  • 10:37 The Alabama shake and how to fish a swim jig
  • 11:42 Rod for fishing jigs around docks
  • 14:30 Exciting dock catches
  • 16:48 Juicy dock fishing tips for success from Shane Lineberger
  • 17:59 When to start fishing docks
  • 19:13 Best dock fishing lakes

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