The spawning season provides anglers with a terrific opportunity to catch a once-and-a-lifetime bass. 

While many anglers want to spend that time sight fishing, being able to see the fish isn’t always as easy as we would like. 

“You cannot visually see the bass spawning most of the time,” said Pete Gluszek. “Most of the time the water has a lot of stain in it or it's got high water where there's too much depth over the bed. You're unable to really target fish visually and sight fish for them. We have to do something called blind fishing for bedding fish.”

In this seminar, Gluszek explains his system for finding and catching bedding fish during the spawn. He primarily leans on soft plastic lures, such as creature bait, shaky head worm, and the ever-popular Senko. 

However, Gluszek also relies heavily on dragging a jig and throwing a shallow diving crankbait to help locate bedding fish as well. 

One of the key components to locating fish this time of year is finding the structure they are relating to. Gluszek discusses the different types of places you can find fish during the spawn, including against walls and brush piles. 

One of Gluszek’s favorite ways to catch bedding fish is by throwing a finesse Carolina rig, which he goes in-depth on how to fish in this video. 

  • 1:45 System For Fishing For Bedding Fish Without Seeing Them
  • 2:00 Dragging Jigs To Find Beds
  • 3:45 Creature Baits On Finesse Carolina Rigs
  • 6:20 Shaky Head
  • 8:15 Different Ways To Rig Senkos For Spawning Bass
  • 11:10 Trigger Strikes With A Drop Shot
  • 12:00 Understanding How Bedding Fish Bite
  • 14:30 Cranking To Find Beds
  • 16:30 How To Find And Catch Bedding Fish
  • 24:20 Locating Bedding Bass Around Brush

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