JT Kenney is a veteran Bass University instructor, as well as being a veteran FLW pro angler with 4 wins and 45 top 10 finishes in that circuit alone, along with more wins and top 10 finishes in BASS. JT is known for fishing down in Florida, but he grew up in Maryland and has traveled the country fishing the tournament trails. In this bass fishing educational class seminar, JT shares tops for fishing deep, rocky reservoirs in the prespawn.

  • 0:12 Introduction to prespawn fishing rocky reservoirs and what areas JT Kenney is referring to, geographically
  • 1:47 Rocky reservoirs were a thorn in JT Kenney's side for years on tour, until...
  • 4:17 JT Kenney's bluff fishing secret for fishing deep rocky reservoirs that goes against what you've probably read or seen elsewhere
  • 9:39 Contour line examples of the bluffs that JT Kenney is talking about
  • 14:57 The types of bluff you're looking for in the prespawn on deep rocky reservoirs
  • 16:55 Baits for fishing these bluffs
  • 29:34 Gear for fishing these bluffs
  • 34:05 Question and answer time with JT Kenney
    • 34:05 How the bait should fall down the bluff face
    • 36:06 Jig weights
    • 36:54 Peg the weight on the tube?
    • 37:07 Boat positioning relative to the bluff wall
    • 40:36 Do fish spawn on the bluffs?

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