Sunglasses can be one of the most important, and also most overlooked tools an angler can carry. While a pair of $10 shades will help keep the sun out of your eyes, finding a pair of glasses with the right lenses can help you when you’re targeting fish. In this interview, Pete Gluszek sits down with Stephen Vaughan, Head of Product Design for Hobie Eyewear. Vaughan discusses all the options anglers have with Hobie Eyewear products for both normal sunglasses, and even prescription eyewear. 

  • 0:35 Creating New Products
  • 2:00 A Look At Current Products
  • 6:00 Hank Cherry Champions Collection
  • 7:35 Picking The Right Frames
  • 8:40 Advancements In Style
  • 10:00 Having The Right Lenses
  • 16:15 Prescripton Glasses Options

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