Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bassmaster Open Winner Kyle Patrick is on the water with Bass University in New York targeting clear water smallmouth. 

Kyle breaks down spawning smallmouth, how to catch them, and his go-to equipment. “Trusting your equipment is the most important thing when bed fishing, catching the smallmouth is usually easy...” Kyle has tons of experience with smallmouth since he grew up in Cooperstown, New York. Kyle dives into how to find and locate beds. Bass University provides some great footage of how to identify smallmouth beds. Kyle harps on simplicity, and he has a simple approach with a drop shot but has some sneaky tips on presentation and boat positioning. 

If you are looking to improve your smallmouth bed fishing and learn the behaviors of spawning smallies, this on-the-water seminar with Kyle Patrick and Bass University is a must-watch!

Bed Fishing for Smallmouth Bass Class Chapters

  • 0:18: Spawning Smallmouth
  • 1:20: Equipment 
  • 8:12: Bed Fishing Approach
  • 17:09: Identifying Beds
  • 19:00: Color Selection 
  • 23:00: Fishing Beds Technique 

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