In this hour + on water bass fishing class, Gerald Swindle talks about the equipment needed and demonstrates the technique of flipping grass. Swindle talks about baits, rods, reels. etc. that you will need to flip for bass in the grass. With nearly an hour of demonstration of the technique, Swindle discusses all the ins and outs of: selecting a good location, flipping for efficiency and tournament success (including team tournament tips), how fast you should be fishing, when to slow down, other baits to have on deck and more.  

Flipping Grass for Bass Class Main Topics

  • 0:39 Bait, weight & hook Gerald Swindle uses for flipping grass to catch bass, like VMC Tungsten Flippin Weights
  • 1:00 Line, rod & reel Gman uses to flip for bass in grass cover, like Gerald's Quantum GForce Casting Rod
  • 2:10 Committing to flipping grass and what that means
  • 2:56 Use a snell knot on your straight-shank hook? Also, the reality of losing fish with 1oz. + weights
  • 3:46 Best time of the year for flipping grass and how eel grass has changed the landscape of grass flipping
  • 5:12 Gerald Swindle starts fishing on his first spot and shares why he chose it and what he's looking for in a good spot
  • 7:43 Tips about the technique of flipping grass and how fast you shoud be fishing
  • 16:34 Factors for why Gerald Swindle chose this area to flip submerged grass
  • 17:41 What to do when you get a bite when flipping grass
  • 25:38 Clues from the bass about bait size selection
  • 27:57 The real key to productive grass, it's not just about the grass looking good
  • 40:18 The one other rod you want to have on your deck when flipping grass and what it's there for
  • 46:58 Fighting your instincts on making a bait change
  • 51:32 maximizing your cast efficiency when flipping grass
  • 53:12 Gerald Swindle's thoughts on the importance of quite lure entry
  • 59:27 Gear ratio selection for flipping grass and why Gman likes the speed he uses

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