Kristine Fischer a professional kayak tournament anglers with Professional Edge Fishing - Angler Representation joins Pete Gluszek and Pat Renwick to talk about her success in Kayak fishing. Kristine talks about how she breaks down large bodies of water for tournament success, how she approaches practice for kayak events and what's different between bass boat tournaments and kayak tournaments.

  • 0:32 Kristine Fischer's bass fishing tournament success
  • 1:50 Approaching large bodies of water with a kayak
  • 3:43 Is practice more about fishing, research or graphing?
  • 5:13 What are Kristine Fischer's fishing strengths?
  • 6:49 What area was Kristine Fischer fishing at Logan Martin?
  • 8:30 Kristine Fischer's go-to spinnerbait
  • 10:40 Differences between bass boat tournaments and kayak tournaments
  • 12:08 Getting a good hookset in a kayak
  • 14:09 How do you pare down your tackle to the space available on a kayak?
  • 15:20 What's coming up for Kristine Fischer in 2020?
  • 19:24 Sponsorship in professional kayak fishing

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