Top 5 Soft Plastic Baits - Crews

Top 5 Soft Plastic Baits - Crews


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In January 2019, Missile Baits founder John Crews joined The Bass University in Edison, NJ to talk about the top 5 soft plastic baits and share some tips on fishing them. John starts off with some history of the soft plastic lure, including some of the pioneers, like Nick Creme, Tom Mann Sr. and Ed Chambers. Watch this fascinating video about soft plastic lures to learn more about John's favorites and tips for catching bass with these style baits and their more modern day alternatives:

  • Slug-Go - For some anglers, they may ask, "What is a Slug-Go?". It's not talked about as often as other soft plastic style baits, but, for a long time, it was a great way to catch bass who had never seen anything like it.
  • Beaver Style Baits - Ever since the Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20, there has been a place for beaver style baits in tournament fishing. They're great for getting into tight places, but offer some advantages over the flipping tube, which they largely replaced.
  • Creme Worm - The original straight-tail worm. Learn some rigging tips for better hookup percentage on straight tail worms
  • Yamamoto Senko - Learn where the senko came from, and why it's still a top choice for these style baits.
  • Brush Hogs - The original creature bait from 1984. This bait has won so many tournaments and can be rigged in so many different ways.

John mentions several variations of these baits that are available from Missile Baits.

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