Lee Livesay caught some giant bass fishing a big walking topwater bait this year on Lake Fork. Lee has a lot of reasons to love fishing a topwater, but it's not JUST that the bites are exciting and the fish are often big. Watch this on the water bass fishing class video to learn why, when and how Lee Livesay fishes the topwater baits that he always has tied on. In this class, Livesay talks about the tackle he uses to fish these topwater baits and the knots he ties them on with. With a couple of his favorite topwater lures tied on, Lee head out on the water to show you how he fishes a walking bait and a popper style bait, he shares some fishing tips along the way.

  • 0:20 Throwing topwaters is fun for everybody
  • 1:14 Two baits that Lee Livesay always had tied on
  • 2:03 Why have these topwater baits tied on? For one, they get a bigger bite!
  • 8:34 Rods, reels, line & hooks for fishing topwater lures
  • 14:37 Another topwater lure that Lee Livesay likes to throw, especially in Florida
  • 16:08 Knots for fishing topwater lures
  • 17:12 Fishing a big walking bait on a windy grass flat
  • 26:36 Another bait you always need on your deck when fishing a topwater lure
  • 28:23 Simple topwater lure colors
  • 30:49 Switching to the topwater popper
  • 33:28 Setting the hook on a topwater popper

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