Jason Admin : Fishing Forum Posts

Jason Admin : Fishing Forum Posts

I have several suggestions:
1. ensure that your device is up-to-date with software releases (latest available iOS version).
2. ensure that cookies and javascript are enabled in your settings (these are required to maintain persistent login). On our support iPad (running iOS 12.1), you can get to these settings at Setting->Safari, then disable "Block All Cookies", then go to "Advanced" and enable "JavaScript". We also have "Ask Websites Not to Track Me" disabled, but we're not sure what all this setting does. The reason our site "tracks" you is to maintain your login across multiple browser sessions.
3. try another browser, we do most of our testing in Google Chrome

If you're having playback issues, I also have a few suggestions:
1. as above, ensure you have the latest version of iOS
2. ensure some other device on your network is not monopolizing your network
3. you can use the gear icon in the lower right corner of the player to set the playback to a lower setting. This requires less data. The image quality will be lower but, particularly on phones, the quality difference is not as noticeable, but the performance increase can be significant. I hope this helps.

First, login if you aren't already. Then, use the drop-down menu in the top right corner to select "My Account" => "Payment Method". We recommend first removing any unwanted/expired payment methods before adding the new one.

Remember, when adding PayPal, after you authorize the payment on PayPal (the light blue button at the top of the form), be sure to save that payment method as your default bassu.tv payment using the dark blue "ADD PAYMENT METHOD" button at the bottom of the form.

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Topic: Garmin 7612

Is this unit on the front? Is the transducer mounted on the trolling motor?

Do your units share a transducer? It sounds like you have these networked to share a transducer/gps. If so, there shouldn't be a problem with interference.

Thank you for your kind words. The Bass University works hard to secure top instructors for each location and we are working on expanding our live programming to also offer on-the-water as well as our current monthly in-studio show. We appreciate each and every subscriber and hope to hear any ideas you have on how we can improve our service.

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Topic: Skipping

Zona discusses this topic in his "Fishing Docks Differently" seminar. Jump ahead to about 15:38. https://bassu.tv/bass-fishing-video/fishing-docks-differently-mark-zona
I hope this helps.

Pete should see this, albeit, it may be after the holiday weekend. In case the prizes have not been mailed yet, please ensure that your mailing information is correct in your profile settings.

Thanks for the feedback Dean. We appreciate you being a subscriber. We also love to hear that our students are using what they learn to compete at a high level, like the Opens.

Signup for our in-class training between now and Christmas and get a stocking stuffed with tackle, along with a holiday card. 1 -day and 2-day tickets are available and they make a great gift.

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The bass U shield at the top of the site is a link to the homepage. I hope this helps.

I have 1 of each unit with fish id features turned off, both my units display fish as arches. I think the thickness of the line and length of the arch may have to do with the sensitivity and other display-related settings.

I'm experiencing this at Lake Norman right now. So far my experience has been that I'm able to get away with more aggressive lures than I would normally use to catch spots in the areas with the grass. Recently I caught several fish around grassy docks with a chatterbait where the visibility was probably 6-10ft. In the past, I've had little luck in that same area with any power fishing technique, and had only had success with dropshots, shakey heads and finesse swimbaits.

Here are some resources that may help:
https://bassu.tv/faq (If you're logged in, there's a video on this topic under the second question in the FAQ, click to expand that question)

Squarebills come to mind. Usually fish those through cover. Otherwise, I'm usually digging up the bottom with any diving crankbait.

No, at the moment, this form of digital rights management for subscription video content is only available to the top-tier companies (Netflix, Amazon, etc.). Allowing video to be downloaded is straightforward enough, but there's a distinction between content that can be downloaded and viewed while your subscription is active and content that can be kept forever. We're always keeping an eye out for solutions to these types of issues, but, at the moment, be aware that this is fairly cutting edge. If I'm not mistaken it's been in beta for less than a year on Netflix, and it's still a limited library of content that can be downloaded to view offline.

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Topic: Skipping

I believe Zona mentions in his seminar on dock fishing (https://bassu.tv/bass-fishing-video/fishing-docks-differently-mark-zona ) that a softer rod tip is good. He also states not to rare back and throw it, but a gentle skip motion, like skipping a stone. Obviously the smoother the line comes off the reel, the better. I believe most techniques that are fished when skipping are best done with higher gear ratio, so you may want to keep that in mind. From our video library, I would say the line choice will be fluoro or braid.

The knot is actually called a double clinch knot. You can see many diagrams and videos online for how to tie this knot. You'll know you're seeing the right not because you'll see the 3 tag ends that Gerald mentions after you trim the knot.

You can watch the upcoming show and previous live shows at https://bassu.tv/live

Douglas, I'm sorry, I don't know of a good fishing forecast app. What exactly are you looking for? Something that predicts the best times in a day to go fishing? Something that has all the relevant weather information?

Frank, I have a helix as well. I'll take a look at this next time I'm out. What do you mean by "put it on standby" is that what they call it? I don't recall that setting.

Ray, copy and paste the following address into your website browser. Currently the forum does not support clickable links


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How do you get the Helix on standby? I'm just not familiar with the setting. I also have a Lowrance, but it's a 2007 unit, and I don't believe it has that setting.

Thanks for letting us know. One of our goals is certainly to provide anglers with the knowledge to help them build confidence in new techniques, tackle, seasonal patterns, adjusting to conditions and more.

Sorry, the code expiration was set for the wrong day, this has been corrected and you should be able to apply the discount code now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks for your feedback, Brian. We are always looking for new platforms and we will discuss this in our upcoming technology planning meetings.