In this 53-minute instructional video, legendary bass tournament fisherman Gary Klein talks about how to fish with soft plastic baits (worms, lizards, craws, tubes, etc.) to catch bass. Gary Klein is a great educator, with an intimate knowledge of the history of bass fishing and various techniques. Gary shares some of this knowledge by introducing viewers to the origins of soft plastic baits and why he believes bass eat them. In this seminar, Gary Klein will also share:

  • Types of soft plastic baits
  • Hooks for rigging soft plastics - energy transfer on different hook shapes
  • Spinning and casting rod selection - casting distance, leverage & getting baits into tight places
  • Different baits & rigging methods
    • Drop shot - for sight-feeding fish
    • Carolina rig - Why 1/0 hook and 1oz. weight?
    • Texas rig - bobber stoppers
    • Finesse rig - reducing line twists
    • Straight-tail worm - shaky head, wacky rig, texas rig
    • Fluke - speed swimming, carolina rig
    • Ribbon tail worms - flipping & pitching, rate of fall
    • Tubes - drop shot, flipping, rattles
    • Creature-style baits
  • Think outside the box with soft plastic baits and rigging techniques

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