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Nick T : Fishing Forum Posts

Nick T sophomore
Topic: Tournament Strategy with No practice

Hey guys,
I have an electric only tournament coming up next Saturday here in Virginia at a Reservoir, unfortunately cause my work I won’t be able to prefish at all. Because it’s an E series, it’s hard to cover water come tournament day. I have no idea water temp, but would guess between 80-90. Deepest part of the res is 30 ft, but I’ve done my best there way back in the back in 2-5 ft around cypress trees and shallow grass where there is a feeder creek. I know this time of year a lot of tournaments here are won in the 8-16ft range, but have also seen them won way back in the shallows. Should I gamble and drain my battery running all the way to the back even though the waters still warm, or should I try to gamble in the deeper cooler water where I don’t have as much confidence? Hydrilla is thick everywhere, and decent shoreline structure everywhere as well.
Any strategy suggestions?

2021-08-14 10:06:32
Nick T sophomore
Topic: Avoiding white perch when fishing for suspended bass

This time of year I mark so many fish out suspended on my home lake. Any advice to tell if they are white perch or bass? And how to avoid catching these perch when fishing for bass? I’ve been throwing an a rig, finesse swimbaits, spoons, and dt series crankbaits and can’t help but catch those pesky critters when trying for bass. Any tips to avoid them? Thanks!

2021-08-26 19:55:08