Wintertime Bass Fishing Tactics - Jason Christie

Wintertime Bass Fishing Tactics - Jason Christie

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Do you have trouble catching bass in the winter months? After the fall feed, as fish become less active, do you find yourself questioning, "Where did all the bass go?" or "Do the fish just stop biting during the winter?". Bassmaster Eliter series tournament champion Jason Christie is here to answer those questions and help you put more bass in the boat during the December, January, February and March months.  Christie has fished in the Elite Series and FLW tournament trails, having won around $1.5m as of the time of this instructional video recording. In this bass fishing video on winter fishing tactics, Jason Christie will share what he's learned from years of experience fishing bass tournaments.

What You'll Learn in this Bass Fishing Class

  • Water depths to target when looking for bass in colder weather
  • Submerged structure to target and using your map or electronics to locate it
  • How Jason Christie fishes his favorite baits to catch winter bass (jerkbaits, jigs, swimbaits, crankbaits)
  • Rod, reel and line selection for these baits
  • How fish school during this time of year, compared to other times of the year
  • Where to check when the bass aren't where they are supposed to be
  • Finesse technique to try if they stop biting jerkbaits, or the conditions get too calm and sunny

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I'd like to say thank you guys so much. Over time I have learned a lot about bass fishing from you guys. So thanks again and good fishin'.
- Kale R.