Master Northern angler Seth Feider is on the water to demonstrate fishing a jerkbait. Previously, he talked about his Cold Water Jerkbait Fishing Setup, so if you haven't see that video, we suggest you check it out first. In this bass fishing instructional video, Seth is demonstrating the techniques for fishing the jerkbait, particularly focsuing on late fall and winter. He's also sharing loads of secret tips and tactics for catching bass with a jerkbait. He talks about areas that he likes to target and why he believes the fish are there this time of year. Also, why he prefers the Shadow Rap Deep, and what he does when fishing it shallow to keep it in the strike zone.

Winter Jerkbait Fishing Topics

  • 0:25 Where to throw a jerkbait
  • 1:20 Jerkbait technique
  • 1:45 Establish a cadence 
  • 2:45 Sling line slack to create action
  • 6:45 Detecting a bite 
  • 7:25 Drag settings and technique 
  • 8:15 Landing the fish 
  • 9:05 Identifying key areas 
  • 11:10 Why a jerkbait is effective 
  • 12:45 Nose down jerkbait
  • 14:00 Using a jerkbait in all seasons 

Below are some questions Seth Feider will answer in this how-to winter jerkbait fishing class:

  • How do I work the bait to get bites from bass?
  • How do I get the best action out of my jerkbait?
  • How long do I pause between twitches get bass to bite?
  • How do I know if I got a bite from a winter bass on a jerkbait?
  • What about drag setting with that soft rod and light line, how do you get a good hookset?
  • With 3 treble hooks, how do I land the fish without getting a hand full of hooks?
  • Why is fall and winter a good time to fish jerkbaits?
  • Are there other times to fish a jerkbait for smallmouth or largemouth bass?
  • What's the best water clarity for fishing a jerkabit?

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