Previously, bass fishing tournament angler Paul Mueller located some areas of interest in Finesse Swimbait Fishing & Sonar Electronics. In this video, he's up on the deck and fishing for some of the smallmouth bass that he's located with his electronics. This on the water video is filled with over 1 hour of bass fishing information. If you want to know the secrets for catching cold water smallmouth, particularly with finesse swimbaits, this video is for you.

Main Winter Finesse Swimbait Topics

  • 0:40 What to do when you miss a fish 
  • 1:40 How conditions dictate the bass bite
  • 2:10 Creeping on the bottom
  • 3:10 Fishing off the bank/ finding the spot on the spot
  • 7:30 Managing jumping smallouth
  • 9:30 Locating key areas
  • 11:20 Timing your hookset
  • 12:35 How to approach new water
  • 13:15 Identifying forage
  • 14:25 Lining up cast angles
  • 15:30 How to set up the right cast
  • 20:20 Fishing a consistent depth 
  • 24:15 Freestyle drop rig
  • 41:00 How to fish for spooky fish
  • 47:40 Identifying key areas
  • 54:00 Changing angles to trigger strikes
  • 58:45 Anticipating the bite

Mueller talks about common questions and mistakes anglers make when fishing for smallmouth, namely:

  • Where to fish a swimbait in the water column when fishing for smallmouth in cold water
  • What to do when a smallmouth misses your bait
  • How smallmouth relate to smelt during the late fall, winter and early spring
  • Approaching offshore structure and how to fish the areas effectively
  • How Paul Mueller utilizes a Reins Bubbling Shaker Worm as a follow up to his finesse swimbait
  • Video game fishing and how do you see your bait on your depth finder / electronics
  • What to do when you upset the school
  • Catching smallmouth bass out of cold water schools
  • How to catch big smallmouth, and Paul catches a lot of them

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