Topwater Swimming Frog Fishing in Florida - Bobby Lane

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Bobby Lane is back to talk about a bait he helped design for Berkley called the Berkley Powerbait Rib Toad. Bobby previously talked about the tackle he uses to fish the Rib Toad. In this 15-minute bass fishing instructional video, Bobby goes out in hunt of some bass to demonstrate casting, working and retrieving this soft plastic topwater frog. Bobby talks about his favorite colors and reviews his tackle setup: 6/0 Trokar Hook and 50 lb. Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Fishing Line as well as his rod and reel choice. Lane is fishing down in Florida and talks about the cover and vegetation he's targeting this time of year (Fall) and why Summer may be the best time to target this shoreline vegetation.

When you see the simple techniques Bobby uses to fish this frog, you'll see why it's so easy anyone, from beginner to pro can effectively fish this frog.

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