Are you having trouble catching bass on topwater lures? Many anglers have issues enticing bass to bite, getting baits to work properly, hooking bass that explode on their lures and landing bass they get on the line. A lot of these issues are caused by fishing plugs on the wrong equipment. The rod, reel and line play a crucial role in becoming a successful topwater angler. This instructional video will help you determine:

  • What is the best rod length for fishing poppers, pencil & prop baits?
  • What action rod should I be fishing to catch and land more fish?
  • Should I fish topwater lures on a spinning rod/reel?
  • What fishing line is recommended for fishing topwater plugs?
  • How does line type and diameter effect casting distance?

Professional bass fishing tournament angler Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is on the water to talk more about fishing topwater baits. Iaconelli covered Type of Topwater Baits & Lures in a previous class, be sure to also check it out. In this 23-minute video, Mike will talk about the other equipment you will need to most effectively fish topwater lures for big bass. Specifically, Ike talks about rods, reels and line he uses to fish walking baits, poppers and prop baits.

He talks about selecting a rod based on the hook type (treble hooks, in this case) and the cadence used to properly work the baits. Rod length and action are two of the most important elements of selecting a topwater rod, see what Mike has to say about his favorite rod for fishing topwater, including his preferred butt length and flexibility. Iaconelli talks about how the rod action effects casting distance, pulling the bait away from bass that are exploding on the surface of the water, and ultimately getting the fish into the boat.

Iaconelli talks about what type of casting reel he looks for to fish these lures. He will discuss the importance of selecting the right gear ratio for the lure and situation.

Find out what 2 fishing lines Mike uses for fishing these lures, and which line he always avoids. Iaconelli presents his case for why these two line types and what advatages you get from each. Choose one for longer casts and solid hookups, the other for clearer water and better odds of landing aggressively fighting fish.

For more tips, tactics and secrets for fishing topwater, check out 2 other classes from Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell: Topwater Tactics : Tips & Tricks and Topwater Tactics: Latest and Greatest.


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