Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to catch bass? Professional bass tournament angler Mike Iaconelli recommends you try a topwater lure. These baits sit on top of the water, attract fish and often elicit violent strikes. Not sure what topwater bait to use? In this video, Iaconelli will talk about different types of topwater lures and which are best suited to different conditions.

Main Topwater Lure Topics

  • 1:20 When to throw topwater
  • 2:55 3 styles of topwater baits
  • 3:40 Walking bait
  • 4:45 Times to use a walking bait
  • 7:25 Action of a walking bait
  • 10:00 Poppers
  • 11:45 Why poppers are so effective
  • 17:45 Prop baits
  • 19:00 Time and place for a prop bait
  • 21:15 Using a prop bait in muddy water

These lures are extremely good for fishing for post-spawn, summer and fall. In this video, Ike will introduce you to 3 categories of topwater lures that make up about 80% of his fishing surface baits throughout the year:

  • Walking baits or stickbaits - long slender baits, like the Rapala Skitter V. These baits get their name from their very unique action when fished. Walking baits are great imitators of baitfish all around the country, so they will work on almost any body of water. Iaconelli shares the best colors, sizes and conditions for fishing this bait.
  • Surface poppers - These baits have a cupped shape that created a commotion of popping and spitting on the surface when fished properly. These baits include classics like Rebel Pop-R Topwater Popper & Rapala X-Rap Pop. These style of topwater baits are great for fishing around targets, not as much open water, like the walking style baits. If you are around stumps, rocks and other cover, this is an ideal bait, as it's easier to keep in the strike zone. Learn when and where to fish topwater poppers.
  • Prop baits - Prop baits vary in lure dimensions, but they have one thing in common: 1 or more propellers! Learn when this bait outperforms walking baits and poppers.

This is the 1st class of 3 topwater fishing classes Mike Iaconelli recorded for this series. In the 2nd class, he will be discussing the gear for different topwater techniques, then he will demonstrate the lures and techniques in the 3rd class.

Want to learn more about topwater lure fishing right now? Check out Master Topwater Bass Fishing & Topwater Frogs in Vegetation.

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