Topwater Frogs in Vegetation - Scott Martin

Topwater Frogs in Vegetation - Scott Martin


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Throwing frogs around vegetation is one of Scott Martin's favorite techniques for catching big bass! There is much more to it than tying on a frog, casting it out across the water, and working it back to the boat. An angler has to have the right lure and the right presentation based on the present conditions of that given day. Scott analyzes specific categories of frogs so that you will know which type of bait to use based on the conditions that you are facing. Also, Scott gives advice on frog gear, retrieves, hook-sets, and much more!

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I am an avid above average fisherman on the white river system. I think the interviews are outstanding by Pete Gluszek. And I am not blowing smoke up your pantleg. Always leaves with a thought or technique to try. Just been a member for a year, but find it VERY EDUCATIONAL. I attempt to try something new that I learned from a video, each and every time I go out. Your product is big time and I am a former coach. Pete has some serious teaching skills in him.
- Brad D.