Topwater Fishing Demonstration : Pencils & Poppers - Mark Zona

Mark Zona is back on the water to talk about fishing topwater poppers, like Strike King HC KVD Splash Popper and pencil baits (walk-the-dog-style baits) like Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg. He talks about how he utilizes each bait during the topwater season. Mark Zona shares some tips of working each bait, the best seasons for fishing each, what the bass are usually feeding on when each bait excels and more.

Pencils & Poppers Topics

  • 0:20 How to decide 
  • 1:15 Covering water with a walking bait
  • 3:20 How to hook the fish 
  • 5:15 When to switch over to a popper 
  • 6:25 Selecting your rod and reel 
  • 8:50 When does the popper shine the most
  • 9:50 How to get the most action out of the bait

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