Tackle Tips : Topwater Prop Baits for Florida Bass - JT Kenney

MLF Bass Pro Tour color commentator JT Kenney is with the Bass University during the winter on a lake in Florida. JT wants to share some important information about catching bass on topwater baits, specifically prop baits, while the bass are spawning.

  • 0:27 The mistake that most people make fishing a topwater prop bait in Florida during the winter
  • 1:48 JT Kenney talks about the tackle you'll need to effectively fish a topwater prop bait for Florida bass in the winter (rod, reel line and bait). Lots of prop baits will work, but JT Kenney is demonstrating this technique with a Rapala X-Rap Prop Bait.
  • 8:37 What type of water conditions are good for this technique and how does fishing this type of bait differ from horsing fish out of heavy cover with punching/flipping tackle?
  • 10:50 How do you work a topwater prop bait in Florida during the winter?
  • 11:48 How do I know that a bass is looking at my topwater prop bait and I should keep working that area?
  • 13:08 What does JT Kenney mean when he says "fish a topwater prop bait slow in the winter"?

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