Kevin Short is a Bassmaster Elite Series champion that's won a lot of bass fishing tournament money with a crankbait, particularly with a squarebill crankbaits.

Main Squarebill Fishing Topics

  • 1:45 Different types of squarebills
  • 4:00 Components of a squarebill
  • 4:35 Action of a squarebill
  • 6:15 Flat sided crankbait
  • 7:00 Whats the best color
  • 11:20 Hooks on squarebill crankbaits
  • 15:45 Hook design and positioning 
  • 17:30 Tying on your crankbait
  • 19:05 Line specifications 
  • 25:00 Rod and reel setup
  • 28:45 When to throw a squarebill 

Why Fish a Squarebill Crankbait?

Kevin has some very compelling reasons to fish a squarebill crankbait, and it has a lot to do with giving bass a different look with your bait in areas where they usually see other baits. In this video, Kevin talks about the 2 primary types of squarebills, wood and plastic. There are better times and places to fish each of these 2 types of baits, find out where they are in this full video. 

Squarebill Crankbait Colors & Hooks

If you asked Kevin Short to pick a soft plastic lure color that will catch fish anywhere, he's got a pretty good guess on a color that will work. Unfortunately, crankbaits aren't so universally successful with colors and patterns, but he has some tips for how to not break the bank by limiting your color selection to a few color families. With so many treble hooks to choose from, it's hard to know which are best: long shank, short shank, EWG, round bend, lightwire, etc. Kevin shares what he likes best, but there's 1 thing he thinks that's important for all hooks, watch this full video to find out. Learn tips for adding and removing treble hooks from a split ring, how the hooks should be threaded for the best hookup percentage and least amount of hangups. 

Fishing Gear for Fishing Squarebills

Fishing line makes a big difference in how your squarebill crankbait runs. It's important to understand how line size and type effect how the bait performs. Kevin discusses how to utlize your line for getting the right action and buoyancy from your bait. In this full 35-minute bass fishing video, you will also learn what action to look for in a crankbait rod, what gear ratio for the reel and more.

When & Where to Fish Squarebill Crankbaits

Kevin talks about the absolute best time, he believes, to throw squarebills, and he explains why. You might be surprised to find out where Kevin recommends throwing these treble-hooked baits.

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