Tackle Tips : Punchshot/Tokyo Rigging - Crews

Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler John Crews joins The Bass University on the water to talk about the punchshot rig aka Tokyo rig. John starts by talking about the components of the rig: swivel, weights, metal wires, hooks, soft plastic baits, etc. John also briefly shows the difference between the Tokyo rig and the jig rig.

What is the Tokyo rig?

Learn the components used and how they come together to make this exciting bass fishing rig. If you want to start with a pre-made version, the VMC Tokyo Rig is a great place to start.

What lures are good to fish on the punchshot rig?

John crews has a few recommendations for lures he uses to successfully fish the punchshot rig, but his primary suggestion is the D Bomb Creature Bait. John talks about what makes rigging a soft plastic this way so special, and the situations where it excels over other soft plastic rigs.

What's the difference between the Tokyo rig and the jig rig?

John Crews talks about the different components used to make up these 2 similar rigs. They do differ slightly and Crews talks about where one excels over the other.

Where do you fish the punchshot rig?

This is an emerging technique and John Crews predicts it will be very popular. It allows for attaching very heavy weights, which allow for a unique presentation in areas where you may even throw finesse baits. John talks about areas to target, why he thinks this rig draws some much attention from bass in the correct target locations. Crews shares a few places he likes to throw the bait, when he expects to get bites, and why the Tokyo rig has such a good hookup percentage.

What tackle do you use to fish the Tokyo rig?

John certainly recommends baitcasting tackle. This is more of a power fishing technique. John talks about the Cashion John Crews Signature Series Casting Rods that he uses to throw this rig. He also talks about the type of fishing line, weights and reels he uses.

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