Tackle Tips : Punching Matted Vegetation - Jared Lintner


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Jared Lintner loves to punch matted vegetation for bass. He grew up fishing grass lakes in California and it's one of his favorite things to do. In this on the water bass fishing class, Jared will talk specifically about the tackle he uses to punch mats.

  • 0:49 Jared Lintner's favorite fishing rod for punching matted vegetation
  • 2:00 What to look for in a reel for fishing grass mats
  • 2:43 Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green is a great braided line for fishing in matted vegetation, watch the video to see what lb. test Jared Lintner recommends for this technique
  • 3:10 Find out what size Eco Pro Tungsten Flipping Weight Jared uses to get into the grass
  • 3:44 Learn what type and size of flipping hook that Jared Lintner likes for punching matted vegetation
  • 5:38 More on determining the right size weight for punching into the mats for bass
  • 6:49 How to put together the components and tie the knot that Jared Lintner uses for punching matted vegetation
  • 10:34 Braided fishing line tips for flipping and punching
  • 12:06 Baits and the best time of years to fish different types of baits in grass mats, like the Jackall Archelon

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