Tackle Tips : Flipping & Pitching - Elam


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Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler James Elam is talking about flipping and pitching cover. These techniques (also known as flippin' and pitchin') can be done in a variety of locations, not just shallow or muddy waters, though that's what most people invision, par.ticularly with flipping. James starts by talking about the types of cover you may find in shallow water and conditions ot consider to know where the fish will be positioned in the cover.

James shares the following flipping and pitching information:

  • size recommendations for tungsten bullet weights for pitching in grass
  • lb. test rating for braided fishing line for flipping and pitching
  • which fishing rod action and reel gear ratios are best for these techniques
  • best hook type, and rigging method for soft plastics lures
  • flipping and pitching a jig
  • soft plastic lure type and color recommendsations based on seasons and situations
  • how wind, current and sunlight effect how your approach the cover

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